DIY Magazine Fashion Art

After making my Magazine Mosaics, I used what was left of the magazine to make Fashion Art. I cut out paper with different designs or patterns from the magazine and then trimmed and cut them into shapes of skirts, shirts, and pants to create outfits. I also cut out a few belts and stars out of paper to decorate with. Instead, you can use things like ribbon, sequins, or peices of fabric to decorate your outfits with also, if you like. It’s nothing fancy, but it could be framed for a kid’s room if they’re into fashion and clothing. It can also be made for paper dolls. 🙂

The first outfit I made is called “Mint Chocolate Chic.” The shirt was made out of a mint chocolate ice cream cone graphic and the pants (believe it or not) were cut from an Orbit gum advertisement in the magazine. It’s a white denim design you’re seeing because I cut out a peice of the magazine from that “Dirty Mouth?” lady’s pants. That line near the leg of the pants is actually the back pocket on her jeans. 😉

The second outfit is called “Pretty in Stripes” instead of “Pretty in Pink.” Get it? No? Oh, well. Anyways, the design on the shirt is from an advertisement for Clinique’s Chubby Sticks, and I cut out one of those weird gel cubes they’ve got sitting next to their product. The black and white stripes are actually a pattern on a guy’s t-shirt from H&M’s advertisement.

The third outfit is called “Red, White and Faboo.” The skirt is made out of a graphic I found in the magazine of the American Flag. The blue shirt was made from the background color of an Advertisement for (gulps) Monistat.

And lastly, the fourth outfit is called “Not So Minnie Skirt.” I cut the Minnie shirt from an OPI nail polish advertisment for their new Minnie Mouse collection. The skirt was part of some lady’s face on an advertisement for Maybelline’s new Denim Collection nail polish. 🙂 The paw print design on the skirt was cut out using a decorative hole puncher.

Which do you like best?


3 responses to “DIY Magazine Fashion Art

  1. Oh this is sooo cool!! Thank you very much for sharing, I will really try this 🙂

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