Bubble Painting Techniques

Since I love watercolor painting, I figured these bubble techniques would be a great way to experiment with texture and designs in my artwork. There are three different bubble painting methods, each of which I have tried out and have shown the results of below.

In order to experiment with these techniques, you will need:

Watercolor/acrylic/tempera paints
Dish Soap
Watercolor Paper or Acrylic Paper
Bubble Wand
Bubble Solution (optional)
Cookie sheet or something flat

Technique One: Pressing Bubbles onto Paper

The first technique involves blowing bubbles into a bowl or cup with a straw and then placing the paper on top of the mountain of bubbles, causing them to pop and leave an image on your paper.

1. Mix paint, water, and soap (or bubble solution) into a bowl or cup, blow into it with a straw until you get a TON of bubbles.

2. Then gently lay your paper over the bubbles until they pop! Repeat until you’re happy. 🙂

Technique Two: Blowing Bubbles onto Paper

This next technique is really simple but a bit messy. Dip a bubble wand into the paint and soap solution and blow bubbles directly onto your paper. You might want to do this outside…

1. For this one you can use a mixture of water, soap, and paint, or just paint and bubble solution. Whichever one you feel creates the better bubbles.

2. Dip bubble wand into mixture and blow directly onto watercolor paper. Let dry.

Technique Three
: Sponge Bubbles

This last technique involves spreading bubble foam over the paper to create bubble and vein like textures.

1. For this last one, mix soap, water, and paint in a container. Using a sponge, squeeze the sponge over and over in the mixture until you get a foamy layer on the top. Pick up the layer of foam with the sponge and smooth it over the back of a cookie sheet or a flat surface of some kind.

2. Lay the watercolor paper on the foam. While removing the paper, move the paper back and forth in various directions. This will create the “veining.”

3. Lift the paper up and set to dry!


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