DIY Scratch-Off Cards

Update: I’ve officially become Freshly Pressed! Yay! 🙂

Ever look at a scratch-off lotto ticket and think, “I wonder how they did that?” Well, you can create your own scratch-off cards in minutes! Use this technique to create save-the-date wedding invites, coupon scratch-offs for businesses or holidays, or hide a secret message!


To make your own scratch-offs, you will need:

Something you want to turn into a scratch-off
Clear packing tape or contact paper
Acrylic craft paint in any color (metallic makes it more realistic)
Paint brush
Dish soap
Hairdryer (optional)



1. Create your card, or get your card ready if it’s already made. For this project, I am creating my own Florida Trivia scratch-offs, which I made using the GIMP photo editor. To reveal the answer of the Florida Trivia questions, someone will have to scratch it off. 😉  I created 4 different question cards and then printed them out on colored paper. Since you need the paper to be somewhat sturdy, I cut around my printed cards and pasted them onto a stiffer paper for support. To make them a bit fancy, I cut the edges with decorative scissors.



2. Use your regular scissors and cut a peice of clear packing tape or contact paper, the size you need to cover up the words you want to scratch off, and then place it on the card, sticky side down.

*Tip: If you use contact paper instead, you can paint the contact paper first, then cut out shapes and stick them over your text.



3. Then, mix 2 parts paint with one part dish soap. Using your paintbrush, paint a thin layer of this mixture over the packing tape. I used a hairdryer on a high heat setting to help dry the paint. You need to make sure the layer is completely dry before painting the next layer. It will take about 4-5 layers to hide your text, unless your text is fairly small. So you will follow this order: paint, dry, paint, dry, paint, dry, etc. until your text is covered. (I know mine looks a little messy, but it is just a demonstration for this DIY!)

*Tip: To know if it is completely dry, it should feel just like dry paint. If it has a soapy feeling, or if you can leave a fingerprint on the paint when you touch it, it is not dry enough.



4. After it’s dry, you are done! How easy was that? Now, just grab a coin and scratch away!



95 responses to “DIY Scratch-Off Cards

  1. i shall have to try this. was going to make some business cards with this type of interactive feature (and was looking at special types of ink to create this effect). thanks for making my job cheaper 🙂

  2. Brilliant! To make it look more professional, you could cut a rectangle out of a cardboard and use it as a stencil while painting over the text. In fact, the stencil shape (and text area) could be a circle, a heart, or any other interesting shape.

  3. That is very neat! My mom is addicted to scratch offs (I hate them) and loves to receive them for her birthday – I will have to do this and surprise with her with an extra special gift. It will be a lot of fun! Thanks.

  4. Very cool… I will be filing this one away for a future project. Have you tried putting “scratch here” on top of the paint using Lettraset decals?

  5. Oh man my friends that are addicted to lottery tickets would love this! I’ll start giving them scratch-off birthday cards with fake prizes!

  6. I think this would be a great way to resign from a job. “Guess who’s quitting…” *scratch off* “It’s me, mullafuggas!” Or I guess you could use them to fire a bunch of people too – probably how Romney does it. Formal, yet interactive for our simpleton monkey minds, plus we get coins! 😀

  7. Nice! Wedding invitations, eh? Maybe party invites too? How about a scratch-off business card? Me likes! Kudos on getting Pressed like Freshly scratched winning lottery tickets!

  8. Hey, it’s cool. I think I can use this as an art project in my class (consider it as a request of permission ;))
    Congrats for being in freshly pressed.

  9. instead use that plasticized goop used to coat tool handles. available at fine hardware stores everywhere

    no excessive manual labor required

    Else employ an Aztec code: QR is gay

  10. That is just too cool. Next time my friends and I have a craft sale or event, we can give out scratch off tickets with discounts or something on them. Epic! Thanks for sharing!!

  11. awesome – the next logical step I suppose is to try and include some sort of scratch ‘n’ sniff element… not quite sure how you’d get Sellotape to hold a smell though?

    maybe the guys at @SellotapeUK could help?

    • I think if you added an essential oil to the soap/paint mixture it would have a smell.

  12. These are great for doing small amounts of scratch off cards. If you are doing a lot you may find that scratch off stickers work a bit faster:)

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