DIY Packing Tape Transfer Decals

Here’s a neat trick to stick in your back pocket: creating decals using pictures and packing tape. Never know when you might need this one!

To create these awesome transfer decals, you will need:

An image from a magazine or a printed image
Packing Tape
Shallow dish

1. Cut out an image from a magazine, or print your own image using an inkjet printer. Printing your images works better because the paper peels off a lot easier, but either type will work great and give you a good transfer. For this project, I printed some vintage butterflies.

2. Place packing tape over the image and rub it as hard as you can. Using the handle of the scissors works good for this. This will help to transfer the ink to the tape. You can cut around your image now, or cut it later. I waited till later, but it’s easier to do it during this step.

3. Fill a shallow dish with water, and lay the image/tape into the water. Wait about a minute for it to soak, then, using your fingers, rub the paper off of the tape. Don’t rub too hard or the actual image will rub off with the paper. You only want to take the paper off.

4. Once all of the paper is off, pull the tape from the water and dry it. The image should now be transferred onto the tape. If it’s not, you didn’t rub hard enough in the beginning to transfer the image, or you rubbed too hard when it was soaking and rubbed the image off.

5. There is still enough stickiness on the tape to place the image where you like, but it’s better to secure it with a glue or glue stick. These little decals are perfect for decoupage! I decided to place mine on the bookshelf, so you can see how the decals look when finished.


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