DIY Paint Chip Pocket Buddies

Have a bunch of paint samples lying around? Recycle them by making your own Paint Chip Pocket Buddies! They are small enough to carry around, perfect for gifts, and a colorful way to jot down notes!

You will need: White printing paper, long paint samples in various colors, a stapler, and a scissors.

1. Lay the paint chip on the table with the colored side face down. Then fold the bottom most color up so it is visible. This is the flap you will staple your papers into.

2. Fold the other half of the paint sample over, making sure to tuck it a little bit under the first flap you created in #1, but not all the way (See picture). If you tuck it in all the way you will not be able to close it later on when you staple it. Press the edge down.

3. Cut sheets of printing paper to the size of your folded paint sample. Make sure they fit all the way under the first flap, but do not go over the crease in the top flap. You could also use colored paper for this, instead. Make sure the stack of paper you cut out isn’t too thick that you can’t staple through it!

4. Stick the paper you cut into the bottom flap, and staple it just above the bottom edge. DO NOT staple near the top of the bottom flap or you will not be able to tuck in your top flap!

5. Tuck in your top flap, and wah-lah! A pocket buddy! 🙂


8 responses to “DIY Paint Chip Pocket Buddies

  1. These are also called matchbook memo pads, because they sort of look like matchbooks. Looks great made with paint chips.

    • I’ve heard them called by that name, too. 🙂 I just wanted to come up with my own name and thought “buddies” sounded cute. Thanks for the comment!

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