How to Make Flower Fairies

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I fell in love with this idea after purchasing the Flower Fairy kit put out by Klutz that uses the same technique that I will demonstrate below. I’ve had this kit for a while now and have made a ton of Flower Fairies (as you can see from the photos!) I’d like to show you how to make your own fairies! You can purchase the Flower Fairy kit and/or the Extra Fairies Pack. You can also use items from your local craft store as a substitute.
*Klutz no longer sells the wire on its own anymore. You will need the Extra Fairies Pack.*

How to make Flower Fairies:

You Will Need: Klutz Fairy Kits, ~ OR ~Fairy Wire (Extra Fairies Pack), glue gun, glue gun sticks, wooden medium-sized beads in skin tone colors (available at Joann Fabrics), other various beads (small), faux flowers, glitter glue, and embroidery thread in different colors.

NOTE: These are very small fairies. I’ve burnt my hands MANY times making these using the hot glue gun. You can use liquid glue instead of hot glue, but you will have to secure or hold certain parts until they’ve dried completely or they will unravel, slide down, etc. I find that using hot glue accelerates my work and allows me to skip drying time and secures the final product without worrying about things coming undone. Use what works best for you!

1. Cut the special fairy wire into two pieces: one 6 inches long and the other 2 inches. This will make the body. Fold the 6 inch piece in half. Place the 2 inch piece at the top of the 6 inch piece and wrap top of 6 inch piece around 2 inch piece by looping. Make sure this is secure and the 2 inch piece doesn’t slide back and forth. This will create the arms, legs, and base of head. (Use pictures below for help or refer to your kit’s instruction book). Using your hands or needle-nose pliers, twist ends of arms to form hands.

2. Using embroidery thread, wrap around “shoulders” and “torso” area of wire to create the top or shirt of the fairy. Wrap around until it is thick enough. Secure thread with glue or by tying a knot if possible. You can also use flower petals for a shirt instead, like the ones that come with the kit.

3. Glue head bead onto post above embroidery thread.

4. If you have the Klutz kit, your flowers will already be separated and loose. If you have bought silk flowers from the craft store, you will have to undo the stems in order to free the petals to use. Pick out the flowers or leaves you want to use and slide the fairy’s wire legs through the holes of each one. Usually 3-4 flowers is enough for this size fairy. I like to pick out flower petals to match the embroidery thread or create an interesting color combination. I also use different varieties and shapes of flower petals to create a unique layered look.

5. Once you have all of your flowers on, you will use a bead to secure the flowers in place. Turn your fairy over, place some glue at the base of the last flower, slide on a small colored bead and push it into the glue. When you turn your fairy over, the petal “dress” should stay in place.

6. Now, twist the bottoms of the feet the same way you did for the hands. You can also add hair to the fairy’s head by using cut embroidery thread strands, wrapping the thread like a beehive and securing with glue, or by placing a smaller flower on the top for a hat (see photos below for examples). The fairy can also have something to hold if you have small flowers on stems, small berry sprigs, tiny craft birds, etc. I also like to rub a little glitter glue on the flower petals to create a sparkle effect. I don’t put any faces on my fairies, but you can put faces on yours using colored pencils or paints. So there you have it! A cute little flower fairy! Use them as decorations or create tiny fairy houses to put your fairies in!


26 responses to “How to Make Flower Fairies

  1. awww cute! so gonna make these at my little cousins birthday party as a party activity! all her little friends will love it thx xo

  2. I had this book when I was little and I made Fairies all the time well I decided that I wanted to revisit some of my childhood so I started making them again. But I lost the book so this was really helpful thank you so much 🙂

  3. I clicked on the Flower Fairy Kit but the page would not come up…): Tell me where to go from here? Would really like to get a kit! VERY cute idea!

  4. Please tell me how tall the fairies are? I’d love to make some. Thank you.
    Carol Wms.

    • Somewhere between 2-5 inches or so, but it depends on the length of the flowers you use, too.

  5. Hi there! I was wondering If you are interested in using our hemp cords/twines for your next project. The fairies are gorgeous! We would love to see those using natural fibers like hemp twines/cords. let me know, reach me through my email. Thanks

  6. Anyone know if there is a substitute for the wire? I’d love to make these but Id like some wire (that has the cloth-wrapped look to it) that I could buy at the craft store.

    • Wonderful will have to make for granddaughter I have lots of flower left over from other arrangements thanks

  7. Hi there! What is the wire that you use? The link is not working and I am wanting to do these with my kinder kids 🙂

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