DIY Polymer Clay Roses (Plus, Cupcakes!)

I made 2 roses today out of polymer clay, plus a couple more cupcakes. There is a trick with making these roses that allow you to make both a rose and a rosebud in one. How this works is, by building one rose, you’re actually making a rosebud at the base, which you can cut off after and then have 2 roses. So I technically made 4 roses today, 2 open ones and 2 buds. This tutorial will show you how to make them both into necklaces or bracelets. Plus, at the bottom, I have included a few pics of the cupcakes I made.

Make a Polymer Clay Rose & Rosebud:

1. Roll a small ball of colored clay and then flatten it. After you do this, you will then roll it, to create the base of your rose.

2. Roll another ball a little bigger, flatten, and than attach to base. Using your thumb and pointer finger, press gently into the edge of the clay peice. This will create the rose’s wavy petals. Do this 2 more times.

3. Roll another ball, this time bigger than the last, and repeat #2 3 times for 3 more petals.

4. Do step #2 one more time, making the last 3 petals bigger than the ones before.
By this time, you should start to see the rosebud appear at the other end.

5. After completing the rose, take scissors or a knife and cut directly in the middle between the open rose and the rose bud. You may want to smooth the bottoms of the two once they are seperated. After this, you will have two polymer roses. Stick eye pins into each (as shown) to create charms, bake, glaze, and then wear! String each one seperately, or both together!

Here is my recent batch of polymer cupcakes!


6 responses to “DIY Polymer Clay Roses (Plus, Cupcakes!)

    • I’m sure you can still do this with fondant, too, and use them on cakes.

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