DIY Polymer Clay Angry Birds (Red Bird)

Get crafty with the new Angry Birds craze and make a polymer clay red bird charm!

How to Make an Angry Bird Charm:

1. Roll a ball of red clay to the size you want your bird to be.

2. Add 2 little red “feathers” to the head, using another peice of red clay that you attatch to the ball.

3. Roll a ball of an off-white color clay and smash it down into a flat circle. Attach it on the bottom of the red ball, making it a little higher in the front where the face will be.

4. Create a beak using two yellow peices of clay, making the top beak a little longer than the bottom beak. Make sure to make them pointy and make the bottom beak curve up a bit.

5. Add the eyes and eyebrows above the beak.

6. Roll 3 small balls of black clay until they are long, then connect together. Flatten them, and use scissors to cut them so that the edges are square. Make sure the middle one is longer than the two sides. This creates the black tail on the Red Bird.

7. Then you’re done! You can add an eye pin into the clay so you can create a charm, or leave as is!


3 responses to “DIY Polymer Clay Angry Birds (Red Bird)

  1. Wow, I like this crafty post! The red angry bird is almost the same as in the game, but I like this one more, because you can hold it. ^^

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