DIY Polymer Clay Chili Peppers

I love peppers. Well, I like hot peppers that is. I’m not really a fan of how sweet peppers taste. Chili peppers make a really nice southwestern decoration, and so I decided to create a few chili peppers out of polymer clay. They’re really simple to make, and if you’re into the southwestern theme you can make several smaller ones to create bracelet charms, or make a whole bunch and create a hanging decoration. I decided to make them into charms.

To make the peppers: Roll a small amount of clay into a ball. Then roll the ball slightly until you get a cylinder shape. Roll one end of the cylinder until it makes a point. The pointy end should be skinnier than the top. Once you have a point, tap the top portion lightly on the table to flatten it. Then take a small amount of green clay and do the same thing (but create less of a point), to create the stem of the pepper. Attach the stem to the pepper. Curve the end of your pepper a bit, and then lightly press in on different sections of the pepper body to create the skin texture. Add an eye pin at the top of the pepper, if making charms or planning to string them, otherwise leave alone. Bake in the oven according to the directions, and glaze afterwards. (Use pictures below to help guide you!)

More ways to use your Polymer Peppers:

1. Use as a decoration on a photo frame.
2. Glue to a pin back, and use as a…pin.
3. Use as a decoration on small boxes. Even better on recipe boxes.
4. Add eye pins to use your peppers as: necklaces, charms for bracelets, earrings, or hanging decorations.
5. Glue to a barrette for your hair.
6. Add wire to the bottoms before baking and stick in flower arrangements


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