Messin’ With Polymer Clay

Its been a while since I’ve made anything out of polymer clay. After looking at some tutorials online, I decided to make some polymer cupcakes as well as a my own version of a Kawaii Octopus (since I love octopuses). I had some Sculpey clay already in stock, but took a trip to Joann’s Fabrics anyways to pick up some more clay in other colors, as well as eye pins and Sculpey Glaze so I could make my cupcakes into charms. (Its National Craft Month, btw!) I turned my octopus into a necklace, and added eye pins to each cupcake so that they could also be turned into a necklace, or just used as charms for something else.You’ll notice the bottoms of my cupcakes arent level, but while hanging from a necklace or bracelet no one will know the difference. Besides, this was simply trial and error. After baking my creations for 15 minutes at 275 degrees, I brushed one coat of Sculpey Glossy Glaze onto the top part of the cupcakes only and on the entire octopus, to give it a shiny effect. Here are the results!

You can find many tutorials online for things to make out of polymer clay, but to get you started here is one tutorial for Polymer Cupcakes, and one for a Kawaii Octopus.

When making your own polymer charms I definitely suggest investing in a bottle of Sculpey Glaze, as it will make your work look nicer.

Be careful when baking your polymer clay, as it gets HOT. (obviously)

How I Used the Eye Pins: I cut them to size and pushed them into the unbaked clay. Then I baked the charms with the eye pins still in them. Unfortunately, when the clay was baked it didnt take hold of the pin, and so the pin was still loose and able to be removed. I then removed the pin, rolled the straight part in white Elmer’s Glue, and then stuck it back in the hole that had already been made. When dry, the pin should stay firmly in the charm. You can use super glue if you’re uncertain, but be careful as the pin is small and you could get super glue on your hands.

Have Fun!


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