Nature Prints

I’ve been wanting to try this for a while, and finally ordered some NaturePrint paper through Steve Spangler Science. I decided to only do 2 prints today, one nature-themed print, and one hardware-themed print. For the nature-themed print I used ferns, a sand dollar, a starfish, a few shells and coral, a paper flower, and a craft angel wing which I thought looked like a butterfly. For the hardware-themed print I used scissors, a roll of tape, a paperclip, a fork, a hair pick, and a pair of yard clippers. I used a cardboard box and pinned the paper to the box using sewing pins. Then I laid the objects on top of the paper, sheilding the paper from the sun with my shadow to keep it from making a print too quickly.
I had to pin some of the lighter objects down to keep them from flying away with the breeze.

After the paper turned practically white, which only took about a few seconds not 2 minutes like the directions said, I removed all of the objects and quickly shielded it from the sun again. I had already filled a baking pan with some water in the house, so I laid the paper in the water for a few seconds and then removed it to dry. Make sure when you  lay it in the water, you do it AWAY from the sun. If you expose the paper to sun again after removing the objects, it will only bleach away the design and you’ll have a plain blue paper again.

You can create several of these using different objects and frame them to create home decor. These papers are relatively small, but some online websites sell NaturePrint paper in larger sizes, as well as in larger amounts. I only purchased a 15 paper pack. You can visit NaturePrint’s website for products, and more information.

Did you Know? You can also use photo negatives to recreate prints of your favorite photographs! Simply lay the negative on the paper for about a minute, then lay the paper in water for a few seconds as usual.

Other ideas for prints:

Paper Cutouts
Roll of Tape
Your Hand
Palm Fronds
and anything else you can come up with!


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