Making Charm Bracelets with Shrinky Dinks

Remember Shrinky Dinks? That rough on one side, smooth on the other plastic that shrunk in the oven? Well, you can use that to make cute charm bracelets! All you need is a few sheets of Shrinky Dinks plastic, colored pencils or colored Sharpie markers, a hole puncher, a chain link bracelet, small jump rings, an oven, and a cookie sheet.

Print out pictures or trace pictures from books and magazines, that you’d like to use as your charms. I usually make my pictures relatively small, like the length of my entire pinky finger. That usually shrinks up to a nice charm size. Any bigger than that, and you’ll obviously have larger peices. But its up to you what size charms you like to have. For the bracelet I made, that I am about to show you, I made about 25 charms in total to cover the entire bracelet. The theme of my bracelet was wildlife and the environment, a sort of tribute to saving the world.

Trace your picture and color it. You might have to cut it out first before hole punching it depending on where your design is located on the sheet. When cutting it out, leave a space somewhere above or next to the picture so you can punch your hole. If you cut the shape out close the edge of the design all the way around, you’ll wind having to make a hole on your actual design.

Put the designs on a cookie sheet in the oven according to the directions on your package of Shrinky Dinks. When the designs are finished, attach 1-2 jump rings to the hole in the design and then hook it onto the bracelet in whichever way you like.

You can also hook beads to your bracelet as well, using the same technique with the jump rings.

When it’s finished, your bracelet will look something like this, just with different designs:


2 responses to “Making Charm Bracelets with Shrinky Dinks

  1. I used to make my own jewelry with shrinky dinks too when I was younger. I simply love your bracelets. They look really neat.

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