How to Hem Jeans

This post was featured on EL SOL SEWS! Thanks, guys! 🙂

I saw a few tutorials online on how to hem jeans. And while I’m not a professional sewer, I decided I’d give it a try. I have several skinny jeans that I never got hemmed and are too long for me. I always have to roll the cuffs up to keep from walking on them. So I tried out an easier way to hem jeans to see if it was a technique I would be able to use in the future. After seeing the finished product, I can say that this creative way of hemming jeans is both easy and money-saving.

Here are the instructions on how to hem jeans:

Step One: Put jeans on and roll them up to desired length. Where the cuff ends is where you ultimately want the length of your jeans to be. You can pin your jeans here, or measure the length before taking them off.

Step Two: Divide your measurement in half. I wanted to remove 2 inches from the length altogether, so I divided it in half and got 1 inch. Fold your cuffs down to your NEW measurement, as shown below. Make sure to pin your cuffs in place.

Step Three: Sew right below the original hem of the jean as close to the original hem as you can. As I was sewing over the side seams, the foot on my sewing machine moved over a bit, and that’s why my finished seam is somewhat off. Try to keep your seam as lined up as possible to your original starting point for a smooth seam.

Step Four: Turn under the cuff that’s left beyond your new seam. Iron down the new seam from the outside so that it lays flat.

Finished Result: It wont look perfect, but it looks good enough when you’re on a budget and dont want to pay to have your pants hemmed. And nobody is really going to notice that you’ve hemmed your own pants unless they’ve got their face next to your legs…and hopefully they don’t because that would just be really weird. I’m not sure if this technique works with other types of fabrics, but you can try! Good Luck!


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