Melted Rainbow Crayon Canvas Project

After seeing this project online at Pink and Green Mama, I decided to try it out myself. I love crayons, and so this seemed like a really fun art project. I got a small canvas and a box of 64 crayons from the store, a glue gun, and a hair dryer. I went outside so I didnt make a mess in the house and picked out the colors for my canvas. I arranged them in the order of a rainbow and glued them on the canvas in a wavy pattern so that they werent all the same height. Then, I stood the canvas up and turned my hair dryer on its highest heat setting. The crayons started to melt instantly, and before long I had a rainbow peice of art. My canvas looks a bit different from others I’ve seen, mainly because mine has a more splattered effect, then a solid stream of melted color. I would probably do this project again on a bigger scale, however, next time I intend to be more careful. Seems that I should have reminded myself many times that I was holding a glue gun, because I burned myself twice. And yes, it really, really, hurt. I would not suggest doing that part of the project with your kids.
All in all, it made a pretty neat picture that I can hang on my wall.


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